Personal Pedi


The other day I purchased the “Personal Pedi” from Ollies. Yes this is an off brand and I only gave $5.99 for it, but it does get the job done just as good as the “as seen on tv” one. Another thing I am picky about is how my feet look and I am one of those people who wear flip flops all year! So my feet do begin to peel pretty bad when the seasons change, plus they are rough and get calluses from the flip flops. I have tried many foot creams and did the thing where you lather your feet in lotion and put a bag on yout foot then cover with a sock and leave them over night. Yes that makes my feet super soft and smooth but as soon as they dry they go back to the same ole feeling. With all that said…this little device has helped me so much! The only set back is that its time consuming, taking around 15 min. to do both feet which still isnt bad.  But dont expect to run it down your foot and then it be perfect. It takes time and persistence.

The one I bought came with a roller for removing the dead skin, and one to buff your skin for smoothness. This is kind of embarrassing but my husband did request that I go outside to use it due to the residue it removed lol! It was a great idea though because it was messy! After using the device I put some lotion on then went to bed. It has been a week since I used it and my feet are still so pretty and smooth!

I am very proud of my purchase and I would definitely recommend it! Hope you guys found this helpful!


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