L,Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare

b126763a-ddbb-4010-b93d-ba9ebe6e154f-jpg-w480      Hey everyone, recently I recieved some free samples in the mail for L,Oreal Advanced Haircare products. I have never tried their products before because I’m not normally one to branch out and try new shampoo and conditioners. I have thick, fine hair that tends to look dull and become very tangled! This was their Nutri-Gloss line so I gave it a try!

The shampoo lathered really well, and the conditioner felt more like a milky cream rather than being greasy. I towel dried my hair and went to bed without blow drying it, which is normally a no no for me because I have a lack of volume. Also I want to add that I was concerned that while I was applying the product the smell was not satisfying. It had more of a chemical smell like a perm and I prefer more of a fruity smell. Once I woke up the next morning I had NO tangles, it was so silky and shiny, and it had volume! Plus…it smelled AMAZING!

I was so pleased with the products that I will definitely be investing in more! In my case this has definitely taught me to branch out more as well! So if you have a favorite brand of shampoo and conditioner please comment and let me know and I will give it a try! Much love, and peace!



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