Personal Pedi


The other day I purchased the “Personal Pedi” from Ollies. Yes this is an off brand and I only gave $5.99 for it, but it does get the job done just as good as the “as seen on tv” one. Another thing I am picky about is how my feet look and I am one of those people who wear flip flops all year! So my feet do begin to peel pretty bad when the seasons change, plus they are rough and get calluses from the flip flops. I have tried many foot creams and did the thing where you lather your feet in lotion and put a bag on yout foot then cover with a sock and leave them over night. Yes that makes my feet super soft and smooth but as soon as they dry they go back to the same ole feeling. With all that said…this little device has helped me so much! The only set back is that its time consuming, taking around 15 min. to do both feet which still isnt bad.  But dont expect to run it down your foot and then it be perfect. It takes time and persistence.

The one I bought came with a roller for removing the dead skin, and one to buff your skin for smoothness. This is kind of embarrassing but my husband did request that I go outside to use it due to the residue it removed lol! It was a great idea though because it was messy! After using the device I put some lotion on then went to bed. It has been a week since I used it and my feet are still so pretty and smooth!

I am very proud of my purchase and I would definitely recommend it! Hope you guys found this helpful!


Mommy Life

2017-02-14-21-21-28   Hello, today I decided I am going to vent a little about my life as a mom right now. My only son, Brody, will be turning 9 months in two days. This time has flown by and he is growing so fast! He is a pro at crawling, pulling himself up, cruising around, and eating table foods. Recently he has been letting go of the furniture and standing alone for a few seconds at a time. Brody has always been a great baby! Everyone calls him a babysitters dream lol. He only fusses when he is hungry, he sleeps from 8:30pm till 8:30am, takes naps easily, and can entertain himself for about an hour without a peep. Here lately things have changed a little… he has cut his first 2 teeth at the same time, and he is going through a growth spurt.

Those amazing nights have turned into sleepless nights full of crying and pain. Thank God for tylenol and Gripe Water!!! My son has never let me rock him to sleep or cuddle him at all. He will arch his back and fuss if he feels confined. So now he doesnt know what he wants, he comes to me crying and pulls at me so I pick him up and love on him and then he gets mad, so I sit him back down and then he looks at me and screams bloody murder like I broke his heart! I don’t really know what he wants during this time and I don’t really think he does either. I am doing my best and I know this phase will pass but it gets so stressful!

Don’t get me started on diaper changes!..Well too late. I am ready to pull my hair out when it comes to diaper changes! I have told my husband that I would rather leave him naked without a diaper and just clean up the mess than change his diaper lol. He kicks, screams, and constantly tries to roll over during this time. I have tried everything from toys, singing, acting stupid, using objects to hold him down, and everything! I don’t know what else to do…

Oh well…that’s the life with a 9 month old baby boy! I love my son more than anything in this world and I wouldn’t change anything about him!  I’m glad I got all of this off my chest and I hope you enjoyed it as well! If you have any questions or advice please leave me a comment! Much love and peace!

L,Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare

b126763a-ddbb-4010-b93d-ba9ebe6e154f-jpg-w480      Hey everyone, recently I recieved some free samples in the mail for L,Oreal Advanced Haircare products. I have never tried their products before because I’m not normally one to branch out and try new shampoo and conditioners. I have thick, fine hair that tends to look dull and become very tangled! This was their Nutri-Gloss line so I gave it a try!

The shampoo lathered really well, and the conditioner felt more like a milky cream rather than being greasy. I towel dried my hair and went to bed without blow drying it, which is normally a no no for me because I have a lack of volume. Also I want to add that I was concerned that while I was applying the product the smell was not satisfying. It had more of a chemical smell like a perm and I prefer more of a fruity smell. Once I woke up the next morning I had NO tangles, it was so silky and shiny, and it had volume! Plus…it smelled AMAZING!

I was so pleased with the products that I will definitely be investing in more! In my case this has definitely taught me to branch out more as well! So if you have a favorite brand of shampoo and conditioner please comment and let me know and I will give it a try! Much love, and peace!


DIY lip scrub

If you are anything like me,  you are very concerned with your lips. I can’t stand for my lips to be dry, chapped, sticky, or peeling! With this recipe you can fix all of these issues and eliminate ever having to use chap stick again, which I always feel that it just leaves greasy gunk which eventually turns to glue on my lips. All you need is 3 ingredients…


  1. 1 tbsp. of honey
  2. 1 tbsp of sugar
  3. 1 tsp. of coconut oil. (I chose the dehydrated oil for a less greasy feel)

Mix them together well and you can apply with your finger or cotton swab. Scrub and massage your lips then be sure to use water to wash away the sugar, otherwise your still left with a sticky situation! 😉 With this recipe you can also use it on your hands or face to help scrub away dead skin. Hope you enjoy and please leave me some feedback on your opinion! Much love, and peace!



Hey everyone welcome to Mommysjunkworld. I will be blogging about many different things that are in my life, so don’t expect just one subject from me. So to give you some ideas… here are 25 facts about me!!!

  1. I’m a SAHM to a sweet 9 month old boy!
  2. I’m happily married to my dream guy
  3. I graduated college with a graphic design degree.
  4. I started my own photography business but recently retired so I could spend all my time with my son, and family.
  5. I am a certified medical billing and coding specialist.
  6. I am obsessed with BMW’s! I am now the owner of my 3rd one. I also have the logo tattooed on my leg.
  7. Me and my hubby just bought our first home!!!
  8. I don’t really like to cook but I love to bake.
  9. I am the worlds pickiest eater.
  10. I’m weird! I don’t have a favorite color, food, smell, or anything really. All just depends on how I feel that day.
  11. My favorite drink is….anything diet! (How bad is that!)
  12. I love action movies. Not your typical romantic sweet stuff! lol
  13. I am crazy about DIY. I want to make everything myself!
  14. I love lizards. Coolest little creature everrrr!
  15. I have double vision. I can see 2 of everything.
  16. I was in colorguard in high school.
  17. My favorite holiday is Halloween and I don’t even know why…I’m scared of everything. lol
  18. My dream is to go to Germany.
  19. I’m an only child.
  20. My favorite place to eat is Chili’s
  21. I don’t like any kind of sports
  22. I have a black cat named Bagheera.
  23. I love organization.
  24. Just once I wish I could drift in a car.
  25. I think waaay too much! Like I cant sleep at night because I’m too busy thinking…


Well I hope this has helped you get to know me a little better. Always feel free to comment and ask me any more questions or send some ideas for my next blog. My lips are feeling pretty chapped…Yummy lip scrub will coming up so please check out my next blog to find out about my new recipe! Much love, and peace!